Monday, 14 January 2013

Top Ten 1980's Horror Films

This is my first post for Street Meat Reviews and I'll start with a standard. My top 10 80's horror films. (for the time being and in no order) I hope you enjoy and check some of these out.

The Prowler (1981)   

This is a bit of a shock to me not to see this on many peoples's lists. This is a great film, predictable yes, but some great FX from Tom Savini. Ex World War Vet kills teens at their Graduation nuff said.

Re-Animator (1985) 

My H.P Lovecraft film on this list. This is what happens when you get Frankenstein and place him in the 1980's. Jefferey Combs is over the top as always but I always felt that Stuart Gordon takes that into effect. 
"Don't expect it to tango, it has a broken back." 

Demons (1985) 

For fans of Evil Dead you may find a little spot in your heart for this little gem. Demons is a film by Lamberto Brava and Produced by Dario Argento about a mask that turns a night in the movie theatre into on hell of an adventure. Just over the top in so many ways, including katana's, dirt bikes, and a bad ass black dude.  

The Fly (1986) 

Jeff Goldblum at his fucking finest, don't get me wrong I love the Vincent Prince's The Fly, but this one excels to distant nebula's and back just to hand me a plate of Nacho's. The transformation from Seth Brundle to Brundlefly. I was captivated for every moment of this film. David Cronenberg I could kiss ya 

Day of the Dead (1985) 

A nod to George A Romero's Dead series this movie has some of the best FX in ANY zombie film I've seen. Everything is just so well done with this film. It just exudes style, It exudes substance (for a zombie film that is) and it shows a mans dedication to a series.

Friday the 13th (1980) 

There's a reason this has spawned so many sequels and a remake. The original Friday the 13th is a staple in the slasher genre.  

New York Ripper  (1982) 

This has one of the best head explosions I've seen, no joke. With a serial killer who sounds like donald duck and a cop ruthlessly pursuing him. This movie will keep you guessing the entire ride. 

The Burning (1981) 

Just watched this movie and with a release coming out soon by Scream Factory on Shout! I gotta say this one will be one for grabs. Stranded in the woods with a ruthless killer who's a step ahead of you for the entire film. This film's got jocks, geeks, babes and Jason Alexander, Enjoy.

My Bloody Valentine (1981) 

Im not gonna lie I wanted to put Black Christmas here, but since that was from 74 ( it hold up so well) I had to think of something else, and the next best thing that came to mind was My Bloody Valentine. When a group brings back the Valentines day dance they start getting killed one by one. 

Evil Dead 2 (1987) 

This is my personal choice for the best of the Evil Dead Trilogy. With the perfect blend of horror and humour. Survivors try to last the night in and old cabin being attacked by demons summoned by the Book of the Dead. Hail to the king baby!

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